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Home Owners can finally get that ONE-ON-ONE service lost in the Home Remodeling industry.  We specialize in asking the right questions, helping you choose the right products, and making sure you get Exactly what you want within budget.

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One of the best ways to save money in the long run is to make your home energy efficient and a key step in that process is making sure you have energy efficient doors and windows.  It can get a little overwhelming with all the changes in the requirements to meet the new energy standards but the brother and sister team at Rich Door and Window will help ease the stress and guide you in choosing  windows and doors that will be a worthwhile long term investment.
When you are inside your home the windows are the eyes to the outside world.  Whether you choose vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum clad or wood clad windows, Rich Door and Window will help you to see the world through more beautiful lenses.
Entry doors are the focal point of a home.  Rich Door and Window has over 30 doors on display and many more options in brochures.  If you are looking for a wood or fiberglass door, you will be able to find the right door to design your welcoming entry.  Step inside your home and with our interior door options you can create unique and inviting entrances for each of your rooms.
Doors and windows are never complete without the trimmings.  The variety of hardware offered at Rich Door and Window will help to accent not only your door entries but also your cabinets and bathrooms.  Frame your windows with one of the hundreds of casing styles available and continue the accents throughout your home with base and crown to frame each room.